Wedding Videography

The moving image...


Sometimes still frames lack that little something extra... movement! It would be a pleasure to capture your wedding as a video to treasure forever.


Using professional-quality HD filming equipment, and state-of-the-art post production tools, allow me to build your very own movie of your special day, set to pieces of music of your choosing. These moving memories really show you what you may have completely missed during your celebrations.


Here's what a few of my videography clients had to say:


"We've watched it a few times already and I've cried every time!! It's amazing, thank you SO much - it's so well thought out and captures everything perfectly."


"We love the video messages especially! What an honour it was to have you with us to celebrate. We'll cherish these clips for years to come. Thank you so so much!"


"He created for us the most beautiful, personal and thoughtful wedding video that has already been watched several times with lots of tears and laughter throughout! The clips match the music perfectly and we were also lucky enough to record our vows during a rehearsal the day before which is just perfect on the video."


"Not only do we have an amazing wedding video but Alex was a pleasure to have around on our special day. So many people commented how lovely he was and we couldn't agree more."


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"Alex documented the ceremony of our wedding so beautifully. The way he edited everything together, created something that totally represented the day we had and captured the atmosphere and all the elements that went into it. We now have something that we can look back at for the rest of our lives and remind us of the love and joy on that day."


"Alex unobtrusively and creatively captured the magic of the day by including the fun and emotion of the wedding. His approach is very professional and is to be applauded. Well done Alex."

Firefly Photographic, based in Sussex in the UK, provides bespoke wedding and event photography and videography. We offer an affordable, friendly, professional photography service, tailored to your exact requirements.